People to People

Pop By...
Today I was able to do one of my favorite things.  Stop in, chat and connect.
This is the best.  
I love to sit back and think about what is going in my hectic day.  Pause a second and think about a person.
Who can I pop in and chat with?  Who can I surprise with a tiny prize?
Today the visits were about some other agents that I have been working with.  A quick visit was to thank my friend.  One of the people I have NEVER even met in person.  
@185 emails and @210 texts and @20 calls.
Never a face to face meeting.  Negotiated an offer, executed a contract, negotiated repairs, discussed the closing details, worked and worked and worked a house.  Never once personally met.
Today I popped by.
He wasn't there.
I left this.
Cheers my friend.  Let's work together again soon.

Another fun one was for a friend that I have worked with before.  She is helping me assist my buyers in the HUGE adventure of new home construction.  She knows far more about lighting and plumbing packages-more today than even yesterday.
I owed her something sweet.  She is working hard for my buyers-my friends!!
Today I wanted her to know that I really appreciate her efforts.
She is so so sweet!
Another pop by was one that I just love.  I have the honor to work with wonderful buyers and sellers on this one.  Dear friends and new friends!  This one closes tomorrow and I want some champy in the fridge for the new home owner.  It is chilling now.
Make that home a happy one new friends.  It is one of my favorites- for many reasons!!

People to People.
Go Jill Go

Giving because you can.

Go Gives.


Go Gives Back.
Go Jill Go. 

The story of a home...

Every home has a story.  The history of a wonderful family is in this home.  Their personality and their character is throughout.  The story of hard working, loyal, and loving people is heard throughout these walls.

 Walk inside this door with me to see a wonderful story.
A twist and a turn.
A pop of classic with history and a fair amount of fancy.

 A place to gather and entertain.  Laugh and grow.  Listen and love.

Cooks in the kitchen.  Create the best with the best!
 Growing a wonderful business in the home has been done!  A library and study for all!

Get away and play in this area.  Plenty of fun.

Beauty rest is super important to the home.  Work hard, rest hard, play hard!

CLASSIC ELEGANCE.  Just what you need.

Welcome Home.


The big debate...
Change out a fixture or not?
Yes Please.
 Perfect for the home.

Buy new appliances or not?
 Stainless Steel?
Yes Please.
Yes Please.
Bathroom remodel?
 Yes Please!

I see about so many homes.
Small or large, new or old...
Show me something wonderful!
Go Jill Go

Why I am the difference.

I wonder what you think I do?  Close a few homes, meet a bunch of people.  Chat with an attorney or two.  Lender and appraisal meetings.  Meet for coffee or breakfast.  See a few homes.  Walk some land.  I do more.  Make sure you know who you are trusting with one of the MOST important decisions you will make-I believe in this adventure. Whole heartedly.

Buyers that are traveling...tonight before the storm.  Weather is messing with their travel plans.  I love these two.  I need them home safe!

Giving me an opportunity to work with someone that you work with because you trust in me and know that I am a perfect fit.  Trusting me with someone you love because I helped you buy a home and sell a house.   Trust and love.
This home is ready-maybe...These wonderful people sat with me for close to two hours.  We spoke of the updates, the roof, the septic and more.  The seller cried three times.  I did too.  These two don't know what step is next... I need them to know I am there when and if they need me.  It would be an honor.  Their home is just so sweet and happy!  It would be great to sell.  It might be great for them to keep as well...

Sellers have been transferred out of town.  They pushed out of town last week.  Trash is full and needs to get to the curb for pick up tomorrow.  Guess what?  That is my job.  The trash is ready to be hauled away.  That is what I can do for these two.  Easy for me.  Trash to curb-check!

Loving the preparations and launching a new listing for a client that is ready to sell his investment property.  Staging, prospect hunting and pushing out a great home for the BEST gentleman ever!
This is a good story!  Ready for new owners.

Checking in.  It is what makes a difference.  Life is happening all around us.  I understand.
This one is almost ready.  Just a few minor tweaks and we will be LIVE!
One of the best things I read this week was from buyers that are waiting patiently for their new home.  They sold one a couple weeks ago.  They have some time until this one is ready...
It is well worth the wait when you get this message.  A wonderful reminder of the "Why..."
"Subject: A note about luxuries 
To have room for an extra pack of TP in each bathroom.
To let your consistently best-behaved and organized son have room to spread his wings and continue to be consistent, behaved, and organized.
To have a place to put all your groceries from a big shopping trip and not give up even an inch of counter space in the process.
To have a space for your doggie to lie down undisturbed by little feet but still totally involved in the action when it suits him.
To have your very own sofa end table instead of setting up and then putting away a tray table night after night after night.
To have a place for linens, medicines, and construction paper...not all in the same closet.
To have room for guests and to work and not in the same space.
To have neighbors who know your name and whose sign of welcome is an open garage door.
To have room to be both an individual and a closer family.
Thanks. :-) "

When you need me-I am there to help in any way I can.  

The Olympic Opportunity

American athletes are half way around the world competing in events they have trained for their entire lives.
The Olympics are a time to put down your differences and compete in competitions that gives you the opportunity to be the best in the world.  The best in the WORLD.  These athletes have pushed their mind, their bodies, their families to limits unknown to so many.  The time, commitment, drive, passion, sacrifices, and fierce love of the sport finally has a stage for the next two weeks.  The best in the world will perform.  The athletes will tell their story.  This is their opportunity of a lifetime.  Today for the athletes-Today for me-Everyday we have the opportunity to be great.  To help change a situation.  To become better people.  The time is now.
"Whatever you are, be a good one." - Abraham Lincoln

These competitors- no matter the color of their skin, their beliefs in religion or the country they are from, have an opportunity to be the best at what they do- compete and tell their story.

We all have a story, we all want to compete. What is your story?  "I thought we would live in this home for 5yrs or so.  17yrs later we are building our new home..."
Over the next few weeks we will see a level of motivation that is so very rare.  The Olympics will give a deep meaning to motivation.  What motivates you to be who you are? Take some time and listen to the stories over the next couple weeks.  There will be so many stories from around the world that will tie directly to your life.  Find the link.  Find a way to relate to these stories.  What is the story behind your greatness?  What are you going to do with each day that you are in the game?  Ready for  greatness.
                                                  God Bless the athletes and the USA!

Go Jill Go

Best time of the year...

What is the best time of the year for you?
Some would think the holidays.  
Some would think summer vacation.
Some would think it is when you take a road trip.

To me...
It is now.
Best thing ever is watching these people play!
Enjoy the weekend!

go jill go