If you build it...

I have never loved the moments before the party when you are waiting for guests to arrive.
Glancing out the window.  Last minute details.
This week was no different. 
The invites went out.
Who is going to come to the party? 
The deal is...
We had no clue.
All month we have prepped and prepared.
And played!
Fields look great.
The teams are playing well and peaking for the final tournament of the season.

Forms are pulled together. 
Tryout numbers printed-Great work on that-
Need to be better.  Need to be sharp.  Need to be different.
"Even your tryout numbers look awesome."
I love this.
Will the guests come to the party?
They are welcomed. They are wanted.  We are ready.
When you start something at the #grassroots level and people believe in a concept and a dream...
Powerful.  It makes my heart burst.
A core group of people that believe.  That is what you need.  
You need strong roots.  The club has that.
A group of people that set the field up.
Mow the field.
Line the field.
Set the flags out & benches for game day.
 Catch moles.
The team behind the team.
It is the #EliteVillage
There are many moments on the field when you know that the athlete is progressing.  
As coaches we can measure success different ways.  
We see it.  
We know who trains on their own.  Who puts in the extra effort.
  Who has a busy week and could not get the extra touches in.  These little athletes are an open book.
It is so exciting to be part of their lives.
An honor.
The tryouts...
Ohhh we don't like tryouts.
So-we train instead.
We talk about the importance of the crest.
Stepping on the field for this club means something different.
Leaders in the classroom.
Leaders in the community.
Kindness to each other.
The crest on your shirt will mean something here.
Yes.  Yes, it does.
 If you build it...
They will come to the party to play.
See you next week.

It has been a long time...It is so great to Be Home.

I am back and better than before.
I know that you have heard that line once or a thousand times in your life.
This time I mean it.
The #HappyHive is awesome after a year and a half with the Queen Bees & tons of worker bees.
Today the observation hive is wild and so is the #BeeHighway
Take a look.
My partners are wonderful.  We care for each other and our growing bees.  By bees I mean real bees.

 As well as the amazing worker bee agents that we have the honor to daily work with-that help each other serve the needs that our growing area demands.  Most importantly-we are here for each other.
With kindness.

A bunch of laughter that our souls require.
God, we laugh constantly.

Okay...some french fries and tequila too.
There has been another new adventure that has been in the works since I last wrote.
Elite Youth Soccer Club is one year into the journey of lifetime.
This is the next level of youth soccer training in the Triangle.
Watch out.

My happy place.

My people.
Two or three more teams coming this fall and we are purchasing land.
You can help too.  More news on that at a later date.
This is huge.  When I say HUGE...I mean it.
My work team has grown.
We push each other daily to be better.

The laughter and experience that Jennifer brings to the team is key to our success.
Sweet Yamile is loving new stories and the wild ride real estate brings to her world.
Lesley is the glue that keeps the team pushing forward with our contract management.
Our whole hive loves Lesley & her family!
Watch out for more news on this topic soon too.
I am back and will write again.
The team behind the team.

I am so thankful.
Look at this Team.


I was given a simple thing on the first day that my sweet firm opened.
It was given to me by a dear, dear friend.
Something that was monogrammed.
It said the most important word that I say every day.

People to People

Pop By...
Today I was able to do one of my favorite things.  Stop in, chat and connect.
This is the best.  
I love to sit back and think about what is going in my hectic day.  Pause a second and think about a person.
Who can I pop in and chat with?  Who can I surprise with a tiny prize?
Today the visits were about some other agents that I have been working with.  A quick visit was to thank my friend.  One of the people I have NEVER even met in person.  
@185 emails and @210 texts and @20 calls.
Never a face to face meeting.  Negotiated an offer, executed a contract, negotiated repairs, discussed the closing details, worked and worked and worked a house.  Never once personally met.
Today I popped by.
He wasn't there.
I left this.
Cheers my friend.  Let's work together again soon.

Another fun one was for a friend that I have worked with before.  She is helping me assist my buyers in the HUGE adventure of new home construction.  She knows far more about lighting and plumbing packages-more today than even yesterday.
I owed her something sweet.  She is working hard for my buyers-my friends!!
Today I wanted her to know that I really appreciate her efforts.
She is so so sweet!
Another pop by was one that I just love.  I have the honor to work with wonderful buyers and sellers on this one.  Dear friends and new friends!  This one closes tomorrow and I want some champy in the fridge for the new home owner.  It is chilling now.
Make that home a happy one new friends.  It is one of my favorites- for many reasons!!

People to People.
Go Jill Go

Giving because you can.

Go Gives.


Go Gives Back.
Go Jill Go. 

The story of a home...

Every home has a story.  The history of a wonderful family is in this home.  Their personality and their character is throughout.  The story of hard working, loyal, and loving people is heard throughout these walls.

 Walk inside this door with me to see a wonderful story.
A twist and a turn.
A pop of classic with history and a fair amount of fancy.

 A place to gather and entertain.  Laugh and grow.  Listen and love.

Cooks in the kitchen.  Create the best with the best!
 Growing a wonderful business in the home has been done!  A library and study for all!

Get away and play in this area.  Plenty of fun.

Beauty rest is super important to the home.  Work hard, rest hard, play hard!

CLASSIC ELEGANCE.  Just what you need.

Welcome Home.